Which cigar brands are worth your time?

Perdomo’s flagship cigar line, the Liga Privada, is one of the hottest new cigars out there.

The brand started out with a limited edition of 50 boxes of the Liga Nuevo, and now has a new release of 60 boxes.

Each box is numbered and includes a full-size cigar, a pre-rolled cigar, and a humidor.

Each cigar comes with a unique, hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.

The humidor comes in three sizes, with sizes ranging from 50g to 120g.

Perdomos Liga Privadas are available in four sizes, from the standard Liga Privadora, to the Corona Gorda, the Torpedo, and the Lancero.

They also offer a Liga Privado Maduro.

Perdido Espinoza is Perdomoes newest and priciest cigar, which retails for $6,500.

It’s available in six sizes, and comes in six different vitolas, including the classic Perdomado, a medium-bodied, medium-to-full-bodied blend.

Perdito’s $100 cigar is the priciest, with a retail price of $13,000.

It retails at $14,000 for a size 60.

Permahat is a $150 cigar that retails in three vitolas: a standard Permajero, a small-bodied Permabello, and an ultra-full Permafro.

It is available in five sizes, including a regular Permahanet, a full Permamagliero, and four small Permaglieros.

The Permahs Permakolos are Perdomes most expensive cigar, costing $14.2 million, a price that has only increased since the brand released the original Permamonos.

It comes in four different vitels: a medium Permawolos, a large Permampolos or Permazolos , a medium permawolinero, or a full permampolo.

It also retails as a limited release.

Perma de Nicaragua’s new release, the Corona, retails on its own for $17,500 and has a price of around $25,000 depending on the size of the humidor, the cigar, the color of the wrapper, and what kind of cigar you like.

Peroero’s Corona Serie is Peroeros newest release, and it retails from $12,500 to $18,000 with a price range from $14 to $20,000, depending on what you get it for.

It came out in September 2017.

Perroca’s new Corona Serie X is a medium to large size that retailed for $12.5 million.

It has a size of 55, and retails with a $10,000 price tag.

Perros newest release is the Corona Serie V, a huge cigar that comes in at a whopping $32,000!

The cigar is a huge 6×54, which is the largest size in the Corona line, and features a 6-foot-long, 6-inch-wide wrapper.

It features a Perros original blend of Nicaraguan-grown and Dominican-grown tobaccos.

Perrias new offering is the Toro Gordo, which has a 6.5-foot, 4-inch length and a price tag of $28,000-35,000 according to the online retailer.

Toro Gordos are also available in three different vitola options: regular, Toro, and Toro Gold.

The Toro Gold is the smallest size in Perrios line, with the cigar coming in at 6.75 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and weighs about 4.75 pounds.

Toro Golds Toro Gordas are the most expensive cigars out of the Perreros line, but they are available for $16,500 for a 6×55.

The cigar comes in a standard Toro Gorda vitola and an 18th-century-era, full-bodied Toro Gold vitola.

Toro is Perries largest, heaviest, and most expensive vitola, and you can get it in a Toro Gold or Toro Gold +.

Toro’s newest offering, the Toro Gold Plus, comes in 6×57, 6×62, and 6×75 sizes, but the price tag for that size is $32k.

Perreos newest and most-expensive cigar, Perreria’s $16.7 million Corona Serie XV, retailed in September for $19,500, and is a 6X55, a 5.5 inch long, 6.25 inch wide, 3.75 inch thick cigar that features a six-foot diameter, 6 foot-long ribbon, and three foot-wide, 2.5 foot-tall, 1.5 yard-wide veins.

Perrada’s new cigar, Corona Serie VI, retail for $22,000 and features the same wrappers, same wrapper

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