When the Cowboys return, it’s not just to be a team, it’ll be to be an NFL family

The Dallas Cowboys will play their home opener in Dallas on Saturday night and return to the field on Monday night to take on the Washington Redskins.

The Cowboys are a long way from being a Super Bowl contender, but a return to their roots could have major implications for the franchise and the league.

In addition to playing in front of their home fans, the Cowboys are expected to return to a brand new stadium, with seating capacity set at 35,000.

They will also have a new name, with Dallas Cowboys Stadium set to be renamed the Benjamin Moore Dome.

On Saturday, the team will be wearing a new, white helmet with black, white and blue stripes.

This new look will be a departure from the white helmet that the team wore last year and will be used as the team’s official colors.

The new uniforms are not only a departure, but also a change from the current look that the Cowboys have worn for years.

The team wore white helmets during the 2014 season, but those were replaced with white jerseys and blue shorts during the offseason.

The team has worn helmets since the 1940s, but it is a new look that has not been used for years and could be a way to create more cohesion and get fans involved.

The teams logo will be changed to a yellow circle that will be surrounded by stars.

The Cowboys will also wear a white helmet, but the helmet will not have a stripe or star on the front.

The blue shorts will be replaced with shorts that are gray in color and are white with a white stripe across the front, which are not orange.

The white helmet is a symbol of unity and unity of purpose, but could also be a nod to the current team.

The red and blue jerseys will be worn by the entire team and players will wear a new color scheme for each game.

The new helmets will not be worn in warm-ups or in the locker room during games, but they will be in use during games and practice.

The Redskins have worn white helmets since 2003, but their helmet color scheme has changed in recent years.

In 2013, the Washington Wizards wore a red helmet with blue stripes and the Washington Capitals wore a blue helmet with yellow stripes and blue trim.

In 2015, the Pittsburgh Steelers wore a black helmet with white stripes and a blue stripe across its top, which was a departure of the black helmets worn in the 1980s.

The Washington Redskins will wear their white helmets for the first time since 2004.

After playing in the dome for nine seasons, the Redskins have changed teams several times.

They are currently playing in a new stadium and wearing new uniforms in a different jersey than they wore in their original uniform.

In 2016, the NFL decided to move the 2017 season from Washington, D.C., to Nashville.

The NFL and the teams ownership group have not yet announced a replacement home, but with a new home opening soon, a return home could not come soon enough for the Redskins.

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