Godfather’s New World Series: A cigar of a brand

The World Series of Poker, or WSOP as it’s known in poker circles, is the pinnacle of poker.

This year, its players were competing against other poker pros in the $20,000 and $40,000 tables.

While the stakes have never been higher in the game, its most famous players have always enjoyed some of the highest profile poker events.

Godfathers New World series is the latest addition to the series, with the first event in 2018 set to take place in Omaha, Nebraska.

Here’s what we know about the series so far. 

How much does the series cost?

$100,000 or $150,000 for a $5,000 pot source BusinessInsider.com article This is not the first time the WSOP has partnered with a brand, but it is the first to do so in this way.

The WSOP is owned by an affiliate of The Walt Disney Company, which makes the WSO the largest poker tournament series in the world.

As such, it is no surprise that the series will be a cash-only event.

However, the WSOC has already partnered with another poker brand, the American Express World Series, to make the WSOT events more of a cash game.

That’s good news for players who can’t afford to pay for a full-table tournament. 

What is the WSOST? 

The WSOST is the second installment of the WSOBit, a series of tournament events hosted in the US that has a $10,000 prize pool.

This is similar to what the WSOPS first series of events was, which was in Omaha. 

Who’s in it? 

Players from all over the world will compete in the WSOTS tournaments, including the first-ever poker players from China, Japan, and South Korea.

There’s also a $50,000 first-round event, which will be held in Las Vegas. 

Why is this a big deal?

The WSOT has always had an image as a low-stakes event, but with the addition of the $100k pot prize, the series now has the ability to compete in a high-stakes environment. 

Where is it?

The first event is set to happen in Omaha on March 18, 2018, with other events to follow in Omaha and New Orleans. 

When will it happen?

March 18.

The first WSOT event will take place at 7:00 p.m.

ET, and all other events will take up the remaining three hours. 

Will there be a prize pool?

The top five players in the event will receive $10k cash, with a $2,500 cash prize for the winner.

The winner of that pot will also receive $100 in prize money. 

Is it possible to play at the event without a prize?

Yes, but the event is not for the faint of heart.

The organizers say that there are no plans to add a “prize” into the event, instead focusing on the fun and high-level poker that players will have on the event. 

So how can I watch the event? 

WSOP.com has announced that the event starts on March 17 and runs through March 19.

The livestreams will begin on March 16 and end on March 19, and the website will also show replays of the tournament.

The live streaming is free to all WSOP members, but there’s no sign yet that it will be available to non-members. 

Should I play?

It’s hard to say. 

Does the WSOW bring a whole new element to the poker scene?

Absolutely, says Adam M. Stieb, the CEO of the PokerStars brand.

He believes that the WSOS is an excellent way for the WSOL to reach new players.

“I think the WSOF has been around for a long time, and it’s still doing great things,” Stiep said in a statement.

“The WSOB will be the first poker event to bring the WSOD to a major American market, so I think the poker community is going to be excited.” 

Who will win?

The players will be able to choose between players from around the world, who will compete for the top spot in the pot.

This means that even if one of the players ends up winning, he or she will be in line to win the entire pot. 

Are there any changes to the WSOSE events?


Can I compete online?

Yes Can you stream the event on TV?

No Do I have to be a member of PokerStars to play?


Which brand will win this year’s WSOP? 

It’s not going to matter who wins the WSOA event.

All of the event’s players will compete as members of the poker brands that have sponsored the WSOUS event.

The brands that will be participating include: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and

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