Why are some of the best cigars in the world so hard to find?


— It was supposed to be a quiet, routine vacation.

The cigars were supposed to arrive in California.

But one morning, a plane carrying hundreds of them collided with another plane and crashed on the island of Diego Garcia.

When a plane crashed, did it kill all the passengers?

That was the question posed by the crew of a Cessna plane that crashed into a tree and burned in the middle of the beach.

The plane had crashed after it landed on a sand dune, a local newspaper reported.

A Cessnair crew member told the newspaper that when they were flying over the beach, a Citi Bike and an American Airlines plane came into view.

The Cessnas crew was able to get the Citi bike and the American Airlines airplane out of the way and then get the plane out of danger.

It is unclear whether the plane was hit by a boat or the Cessns own plane, the newspaper reported, citing an unnamed official.

At a news conference, the Crescents plane crew said the pilot told them the plane had come into the way of their Citi-bikes.

The pilot also told them that they could not land the plane in the sand, because of the high surf.

He then told them they were headed for a beach where there was a big crowd and it would be easy for them to land.

The crew said they did not want to be near the beach and that they should wait for an evacuation plan from the island’s emergency services, according to the Associated Press.

“The pilot was saying, ‘Go to the beach,’ and we were thinking, ‘OK, we can land,’ ” said the captain, Carlos Aguilar.

As the plane’s crew tried to make a right turn, it clipped the sand dunes, sending the plane flying over a hill, the AP reported.

Aguilar said the plane fell to the ground and he saw a man fall to the sand.

He told the AP that he did not see any passengers.

The airplane crashed on Diego Garcia, a small island off the coast of the U.S. state of California.

A number of other planes also crashed and burned, and a fire destroyed a house.

The crash killed three of the passengers on board, including the pilot, a 49-year-old man named Carlos Aguilera, according the Associated, and the plane crashed in the water, killing all the people on board.

In a statement, the governor of California said that the plane took off from the city of La Jolla, California, and landed at La Josa Beach.

The state said it was unable to determine whether the pilot was traveling with an emergency or a routine trip.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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