Which of the cigar brands is best?

It’s a question that we’ve asked before, and one that is always a difficult one to answer.

While many brands, including the venerable Old Grand-Dad, continue to produce quality cigars, others have been forced to shut down due to a lack of demand.

As a result, some brands have struggled with the transition.

We have tried out some of the top cigars on the market, and we’ve compiled a list of the best cigars available for the $20-to-$30 range. 

The best cigars for the new $20-$30 cigar category are from many different brands, but some of them are really good. 

We’ve chosen cigars that are priced below $10 and have tried them all.

We also included cigars that were a little bit under $10.

Some of these cigars are more affordable than the average cigar, so you may find them more than a little pricey.

Check out the list of best cigars below, and let us know what you think. 


Black Diamond Black Diamond cigars are handmade in the United States and are sourced from some of America’s finest cigar mills.

These cigars feature bold, complex flavor profiles and a full, rich smoke.

They are great for people who are looking for a more complex cigar, and if you like the taste of a traditional cigar, you should consider getting a Black Diamond. 


Black Label Black Label is a Nicaraguan blend with a blend of Nicaraguan-seed tobaccos.

It has a strong pepper and a dark chocolate-like aroma.

The cigar comes in a 6 x 55 and comes in two sizes.

It is available in a 10 x 52 and a 10.5 x 52. 


The Artisan The Artisan cigar is made from Connecticut-seed tobacco, and it features a strong flavor profile.

The cigars are aged for an average of four months and are available in two flavors: dark chocolate and pepper.

They also have a full and rich smoke that’s perfect for those who prefer a cigar that can hold a strong smoke for hours.4.

The Master The Master is made by Drew Estate, and the cigars come in a regular size and a medium-sized size.

The master is a cigar made to order and features a very complex smoke that is perfect for cigar smokers who enjoy a full-bodied smoke.5.

The Lost The Lost is a medium strength cigar that is available only in an 8 x 50. 


Black Eagle Black Eagle cigars are sourced directly from tobacco farms in New York.

These cigar are full of complex flavor and a rich smoke, and they are great to smoke with a glass of bourbon. 


Black Market Black Market is a classic, classic cigar. 

8. El Camino El Camino is a strong-smelling cigar that has a full flavor profile, with a strong woodsy aroma and a creamy mouthfeel.

The smoke comes in three sizes: a regular 8 x 52, a 10x 52, and a 12 x 52-1/2. 


Black Panther Black Panther is a Cuban cigar that features a robust flavor profile and a complex smoke.

It comes in four sizes: regular, regular and a mild. 


Black Velvet Black Velvet is a full strength cigar with a rich, dark chocolate aroma. 


The Legend The Legend is a robust cigar that comes in regular, medium, and mild.

It features a rich tobacco flavor and strong, smooth smoke. 


The Artist The Artist is a bold, flavorful cigar that carries a strong taste of chocolate. 


The Original The Original is a light, smooth cigar that’s also full of smoke.

This cigar is available exclusively in a 12-ounce size. 


The Gentleman The Gentleman is a very robust cigar.

It’s available only as a regular-size cigar.


Juggernaut Jugernaut is a well-balanced cigar with great flavor and smoke.

The Cigar Reviewer has called it the most balanced cigar in its range.


Federico Fernandez The Fergie is a blend that comes from Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

It also has a unique blend of tobaccies that comes with a complex flavor profile that’s very different than other blends. 


Blackheart The Blackheart is a rich cigar that packs a punch and is perfect to smoke while watching the sunset.

It doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste and has a smooth, full-flavored smoke.18.

The Devil’s Punch The Devil’s Punch is a milder, more complex, cigar that delivers a full flavored smoke with smooth, buttery flavors. 


Black Sheep The black sheep is a high-end cigar that offers great flavor for a good price.

It offers a rich and complex smoke and a good blend

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