New MLB free agents: Where is the big money?

New MLB Free Agency starts at 6 p.m.

ET Tuesday with the opening round of the season.

The MLB All-Star Game is slated for Tuesday night.

Here’s how to stay up to date with the free agent activity: * * * The Big 3 free agents to watch in MLB Free agency | The All-Pro All-Stars in the spotlight | MLB.TV’s All-MLB power rankings The Big Three: Clayton Kershaw, David Price and Max Scherzer.

The Big-3 are the best pitchers in the game right now, but they are only three of the four players to have pitched in the majors for at least 20 years.

Kershaw has a 4.26 ERA with a career 2.08 WHIP, and Price and Scherzer have a combined 4.10 ERA with career 2:46 WHIP.

Kershaws two-year, $85 million deal was worth $125 million over two years, while Price’s three-year deal is worth $90 million over four years.

In terms of WAR, Kershaw is the top-rated pitcher in baseball, with an 11.8 WAR.

Price, meanwhile, is second in WAR behind only Kershaw.

Kershees four-year contract is worth more than Kershaw’s three years, but Price has two more years on his deal than Kershay.

Kersha’s $130 million contract is the most lucrative deal in baseball history, with Price being the next highest-paid.

All three are elite pitchers, and they are going to be a force in the American League.

Kersho is projected to earn $100 million over his career, and he could earn $60 million or more in arbitration.

Price is also expected to get paid more than the next best player on the market.

If Kershaw can keep his health up, he could be the best free agent in baseball.

Kershi has been on a tear lately, hitting .319/.390/.527 with 13 homers and 30 RBIs in 28 games.

The right-hander also had a monster 2015, hitting 23 homers in 39 games, with 14 doubles, 11 triples, seven homers and 26 RBIs.

He’s currently tied for fourth in the National League in home runs, while he also has the fourth-highest RBI total in the Majors.

Price had a breakout year in 2016, hitting 15 homers in 57 games.

Price hit 24 homers in 73 games in 2015, and then hit just four homers in 41 games in 2016.

Price’s .299/.371/.485 line was third-best in baseball in 2016 and he also posted a .331/.405/.551 line in 2015.

Kershy has a 5.0 WAR in his career in 2016 with a 1.6 WAR per nine innings.

He is expected to earn more than Price in arbitration, and is projected for a 5-year extension worth about $110 million.

In 2018, Price will be 32, Kersha will be 38 and Kershaw will be 37.

Price and Kersh are also projected to make more money in 2019 than Kersha and Kersha is projected as the highest-earning pitcher in MLB history.

All of these players are going into the final year of their deals, and if the three of them are able to keep their health up for the rest of the year, they could have a huge impact on the league.

If the three players can stay healthy and stay healthy, it could be one of the best seasons in the history of baseball.

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